Month: July 2019

#NSLCLAWA Hears From Attorney from The U.S. Department of Justice!

  Our Law and Advocacy students were fortunate enough to hear from Jessie K. Liu – an attorney for the District of Columbia […]

Leadership Tip of the Day: Personality Matrix – Owl

A’ric Jackson is back with insight on the first leadership type, The Owl! Want to view more leadership tips? Check them out here! […]

VIDEO I Mastering Leadership Students Learn Their Leadership Style!

  In order to become the best leader possible, it is important to know your strengths and weaknesses. During today’s Personality Matrix, our […]

#NSLCLAWA Students Explore Capitol Hill!

  Our Law and Advocacy students were able to explore the Capitol Hall and the Smithsonian Museums today! To stay up-to-date on all […]

#NSLCBINT Take on The Ropes Challenge Course!

    Our Business Intensive program ‘swung’ into action this morning and gained valuable leadership skills after completing the Ropes Challenge Course! To […]

VIDEO I International Diplomacy Students Visit The Colombian Embassy!

  Our International Diplomacy students loved visiting the Colombian Embassy – it was awesome to hear more about the country’s culture, cuisine, and […]

Leadership Tip of the Day: Introduction

Welcome to Leadership Tip of the Day – a daily video featuring our fabulous leadership facilitator, A’ric Jackson! In this daily series, A’ric […]

#NSLCBINT Program Visits The World Bank!

  Our Business Intensive students got to visit the World Bank and learn about their mission statement promote prosperity throughout the world! To […]

Mastering Leadership Students Build a Community!

  Our #NSLCMAST students learned the importance of community building and helping others in this fun and upbeat activity called Community Build! To […]

VIDEO I Law and Advocacy Students Hear From Chief Judge, Beryl Howell!

  Our #NSLCLAWA students were in awe after touring the United States District Court for the District of Columbia and hearing from Chief […]