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Business Intensive Students Check Out Washington DC!

  Our #NSLCBINT program loved exploring Washington DC and all of its monuments on this gorgeous night! To stay up-to-date on all of […]

#NSLCBINT Takes On the Management Team Simulation!

  Our Business Intensive students tackled the challenging, yet fun Management Team Simulation today where they are tasked on making company decisions and […]

VIDEO I #NSLCBINT Students Visit The Beautiful Halcyon Incubator!

  Our students were astounded by the sheer beauty and talent radiating from the Halcyon Incubator today! It was amazing to learn about […]

#NSLCBINT Students Learn How to Finance Their Startup!

  Our Business Intensive program has been making their way through their Lecture Series with Michael Wilson – a professor at The University […]

#NSLCBINT Take on The Ropes Challenge Course!

    Our Business Intensive program ‘swung’ into action this morning and gained valuable leadership skills after completing the Ropes Challenge Course! To […]

#NSLCBINT Program Visits The World Bank!

  Our Business Intensive students got to visit the World Bank and learn about their mission statement promote prosperity throughout the world! To […]

#NSLCBINT Welcomes Their First Students Into the Program!

  NSLC’s first ever Business Intensive Program has registered all of their students and are super excited to begin their 18-day journey through […]

Meet The 2019 Business Intensive (BINT) Staff!

  Our Business Intensive Staff is so excited for students to experience their program this summer! Program Director: Kristin Kalish Head Team Advisor: […]