Category: International Diplomacy

Commitment in Action

INTL students made a commitment to better themselves as leaders┬áduring the commitment in action exercise! Commitment in Action involves having students dance down […]

World Simulation

The World Simulation modules within the International Diplomacy program give the students an opportunity to create their own country from the ground up! […]

Security Council Debates

INTL students represented various countries in their Security Council debates today! Security Councils gives students a chance to tackle issues facing the world […]

The World Bank and The United States Institute of Peace

From learning about the United State’s peace making policies to learning about the world’s economy, INTL students had a fun filled day of […]

The Enough Project

Brad Brooks-Rubin and Annie Callaway of The Enough Project, spoke with the International Diplomacy students about their work with the organization and how […]

Video | Embassy of Saudi Arabia

Watch as INTL students talk about their time at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia.  

Registration Day!

Welcome to NSLC 2016 INTL students! We are so excited to have you here!