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VIDEO I Why Should Our #NSLCLAWA Students Go To Law School?

  Our Law and Advocacy students have finished their Lecture Series with Professor Lisa Tucker with a topic that all potential lawyers want […]

VIDEO I Law and Advocacy Students Hear From Experienced Lawyers!

  At todays Law Panel, #NSLCLAWA students were able to hear from two professional lawyers to learn more about their careers, law school, […]

Judge Reggie Walton Speaks to #NSLCLAWA

  Senior United States District Judge, Reggie Walton, came and spoke with our Law and Advocacy program to discuss his career, personal life, […]

Law and Advocacy Students Visit Capitol Hill and the Supreme Court!

    Our #NSLCLAWA students were able to explore Capitol Hill and all of its museums, as well as get an insider tour […]

VIDEO I #NSLCLAWA Students Find Their Leadership Style!

  Are you a Lion, Owl, Peacock, or Koala? Well, our #NSLCLAWA students can confidently answer this question after learning their leadership style […]

VIDEO I Law and Advocacy Welcomes The New Students!

  Our Law and Advocacy program started their second session today with the arrival of these terrific students. See what the students experienced […]

Law and Advocacy Say Goodbye to #NSLCatGU

  And just like that, Session #1 is over! We have loved every minute with this group of Law and Advocacy students and […]

VIDEO I Law and Advocacy Students Experience Their First Mock Trial!

  All of the hard work and dedication was put into action today with the Law and Advocacy’s Mock Trials! They were able […]

VIDEO I Law and Advocacy Hear from the American Civil Liberties Union!

The Law and Advocacy students had a guest lecture with Scott Michelman, the legal co-director for the ACLU, where they learned about the […]

LAWA Students Visit The American University Washington College of Law!

    The #NSLCLAWA students were stoked to visit their first ever law school, and American University’s Washington School of Law did not […]