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Meet the International Diplomacy Staff

Program Director: Sian Wynter Head Team Advisor: Alex Gordon Team Advisors: Charles Hartman, Christian Von Rotz, Kathryn Walker, Emily Wolfe Assistant Team Advisors: […]

Welcome to NSLC 2018!

Welcome to this summer’s NSLC at Georgetown University! We are so excited to have you/your children on campus with us for the International […]

Meet the MAST Staff!

Program Director: Annalicia Luis Head Team Advisor: Colin Lou Team Advisors: Margaret Girardin, Natalie Miller, Tommy Self Assistant Team Advisors: Juan Tramontin, Natasha […]

Meet the LAWA Staff!

Program Director: Cameron Elbert Head Team Advisor: Chad McCutcheon Team Advisors: Nick Ainsworth, Jazzmine Easterling, Madison Friedrich, Aviva Kaye-Diamond, Christina McLaughlin, Lauren Perlik […]

Meet the INTL Staff!

Program Director: Aaron Fraser Head Team Advisor: Andrew Miller Team Advisors: Charles Hartman, Em Husa, Emmie King, Emily Wolfe, Brendan Zack Assistant Team […]