Tag: Field Trip

LAWA Students Visit the Supreme Court

#NSLCLAWA students visited the Supreme Court today. They had a info session in the court chamber, then had the chance to meet with […]

INTL Students Visit the U.S. Department of State

#NSLCINTL students visited the U.S. Department of State today, where they heard from Jennifer Goldstein about life as a foreign service officer. To […]

LAWA Students Visit Georgetown Law

#NSLCLAWA students spent a few hours at the Georgetown University Law Center today, learning about the law school admissions process, what programs are […]

LAWA Students Visit the Newseum

#NSLCLAWA students spent the afternoon at the Newseum. To see more photos, check out our Flickr album.

INTL Students Visit New York City

#NSLCINTL students are visiting New York City this weekend – check back tomorrow for more content.

International Diplomacy in NYC, Day 2

#NSLCINTL students were briefed today on the various aspects of terrorism and how the United Nations is working towards addressing these various aspects […]

International Diplomacy Students Visit the United Nations in NYC

#NSLCINTL students visited the United Nations in New York City today to take tours and learn more about the UN’s work with the […]