INTL Students Visit NYC

#NSLCINTL students spent the last two days in New York City visiting the United Nations, Times Square, and the Statue of Liberty. Photos […]

INTL Students Participate in “Bomb Shelter” Activity

#NSLCINTL students participated in what we call the “Bomb Shelter” activity, in which their visions and morals are tested as they decide, first […]

INTL Students Work On Security Council Simulation

#NSLCINTL students participate in several simulations over the course of their time at Georgetown. Today, students continued to draft resolutions and debate in […]

INTL Students Visit the U.S. Department of State

#NSLCINTL students visited the U.S. Department of State today, where they heard from Jennifer Goldstein about life as a foreign service officer. To […]

INTL Students Visit the US Institute of Peace

#NSLCINTL students visited the United States Institute of Peace today and had the chance to speak with USIP President Nancy Lindborg. To view […]

INTL Students Visit the Finnish Embassy

#NSLCINTL students got to hear about the day in a life of a diplomat during their visit to the Embassy of Finland today. […]

INTL Students Talk Nuclear Policy with Dr. James Acton

#NSLCINTL students met with Dr. James Acton, Co-Director of the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, this morning to […]

INTL Students Define Their Visions

#NSLCINTL students worked with Leadership Facilitator Freddie Silveria to define their visions – both on a personal level, and within their TA groups.

INTL and LAWA Session 3 Arrival Day

#NSLCINTL and #NSLCLAWA students are now on campus for session 3! Welcome to Georgetown! Check out this video from Reg Day: … and […]

INTL Students Finish Session 2

#NSLCINTL students finished Session 2 today, and are heading home. Safe travels everyone!